Libretime not on air - getting information from server

Hi everyone, im a bit of an amateur and dummies when it comes to this, but I have had Libretime installed on a Digital Ocean server, i can upload music etc and even stream to it, but its not on air, every now and then the on air lights up, but goes back off. if you look at the screenshot you can see that on the output side it just says getting information from server. Can anyone help. Thanks

Same issue here. Strange thing is that Logs seem all ok, just logging the regular stuff. Libretime does connect/create the stream to icecast/shoutcast. Then I drag a track to current show, the red indicator gets lit but goes off after a few seconds.

Logs are clean, show normal behavior. Stats are also ok, libretime seems to connect.

Apache2 log does not show nothing either.

Clean Ubuntu 18/20 sudo bash install -fiap

I installed a previous version without recent commits, from 15 Oct. All is working.

Have you the Link for that version please.

I’m new to all of this stuff, so all help is welcome. Where and how do I find the earlier versions. Thanks

I also had this issue so came here and found this post.

I tried a few different commits all with the same issue.

In the end just went all the way back to the one that biulas reccomended above which is this one:

This version is working great.

I installed on a clean Linode VM like this:

git clone
cd libretime
git checkout 9f1e41e6fa8656d2aa2dc74d2ed07026bef38593
sudo bash install -fiap

Hope this helps

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Hi Kevw, thanks for that, i followed your instructions and it works, my playlist is streaming, i have just got to set up a live stream. Trying to work out the master now. Do you know how to make the stream HTTPS, i will be honest, this week has been the first time that i have attempted to use Linux/Ubuntu, i am a windows person, but i thought that i am not to old to learn. Anyway many thanks.

Hi Darren,

On our setup I use a Reverse Proxy in Apache and use certbot to get the SSL certificates.

There’s quite a few steps to get that working but hopefully it might send you in the right direction for some Googling!

Its work…
Thanks for this tip.

I wish more lucky things a head…


sorry Darren, couldn’t reply to you earlier. I can see @kevw has already helped you :slight_smile: Im glad this community exists!

Thats ok. I am now trying to work out how to get it https , I am still learning how to do this.

Thats easy.

Allow 443 on your firewall.

Run certbot to install certificate.

Tutorial here for ubuntu but servers other versions - How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean

This kind of error message is mostly caused by a wrong password. In recent versions of LibreTime they don’t use the default password “hackme” anymore. so check the Icecast2 password in the file “/etc/icecast2/icecast.xml”. After changing the password in this file run “systemctl restart icecast2”. Don’t forget to set both passwords (source and admin)

    <!-- Sources log in with username 'source' -->
    <!-- Relays log in with username 'relay' -->
    <!-- Admin logs in with the username given below -->

Obvious ABCDEFGHIJ123 is a fake password, please use your own and of course it must match the password given in Libretime.

Try follow this post I had the same issue: Add ssl to your Icecast2 stream - sweet and simple