The sound disappeared when Libertime was running

The sound disappeared when Libertime was running. After changing the settings Display information Stream metadata:
Ubuntu 20.04
LibreTime Version 3.1.0

It worked for 5 months without problems, until yesterday.
Hello yesterday we lost soundonly on working Libertime. We have changed the Display of information in the player settings. Stream metadata: And after that the sound disappeared on the radio website and on the Libertime website. At the same time, the stream of information is shown in the player. But there is no sound anywhere. We’ve been sitting here for three days trying to solve this problem.

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We solved the problem! If anyone is interested in the future. The sound disappeared because the SSL certificate was lost from the stream.

Hi! I am having the same problem, liquidsoap.log has the error:

[harbor:2] Failed to accept new client: SSL: Certificate error: error:0200100D:system library:fopen:Permission denied

Can you explain how you solved it?