Libretime Install needed - paid work

My libretime install was done by someone who did not know all the aspects of the install and i am suffering ongoing constant problems.

i wish to pay someone to do a complete reinstall for me - its the only programme on a dedicated server so theres no complications. the server is currently Ubuntu Server 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” LTS (64bits) - but i can reformat that if you wish

please dont ask for a list of issues - its too long and i have no confidence that it can be fixed - i prefer a complete reinstall from someone who knows what they are doing

thank you for your help


Hey Dave,

You still looking? I can get you up and running in about an hour. I recommend Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial, so you have better support moving forward. Is this on a Digitalocean Droplet?


Hi Brandon

sorry for the slow reply

i have someone trying to fix my existing install - ive been stacked at work so havent been able to give it any time recently

if that doesnt work - im considering going back to airtime - i had loads less issues on that - would you be able to install airtime if needed ?



Dave, I know this is a little old here, but if you did end up giving up and just going back to airtime - it may be worth just pulling down my Docker Container build of it and running it on your host to get you up and running quickly.

Hi Ned

Thanks for getting in touch

The libretime is working – but there are still errors – for example it says master stream connected when its actually playing pre recorded sets

Im not confident this is my long term solution but I am not qualified in any way to do the work - can you offer me a fixed fee to install airtime as you suggested ?