Help installing Libre time - or the Demo Server conversation

Describe the problem
i got a vps from contabo for 3 months to test libretime and am trying to set it up. i DO NOT know unix so i’ve been trying to follow along with whatever documentation i can find. using ubuntu 20.04. can wipe it and put anything on there - i’ve done it a dozen times by now to start fresh after every crash and burn.

the crashing and burning:
used clone but -fiap didn’t have all the install switches and it seemed to run through a quick install of just asking for icecast passwords and so forth. the setup was way to quick and when i scrolled up,

i didn’t see several of the switches on the -fiap. ran what was there (i think -i) and it ran through the setup, but gave me some broken pipe errors.

not usually a good thing.

in any event, this simply ended in 404 errors. so joy at getting the web server setup, despair and the 404.

i’ve since reinstalled ubuntu clean with webmin / lamp and have put it on pause to use a lifeline, i suppose.

i redirected a domain name to the IP address of the vps at this point but again, not knowing unix, im throwing darts in the dark. while that was fun in college, it’s not getting me far with this.

could someone help get it installed so we can test it out? i’d pay for the service and am not asking for free help i’ve got the VPS for 2+ more months and would rather kick the tires of this and build up our proposal for a radio station than continue the dart game.

NOW - while reading in here, i do see a good thread continued on github about a demo server and working on funding. i’d be glad to help build that out also if we could then use it for our testing. then the work done would be for more than 1 person and hopefully help the overall project.

vps is 8gb ram, 200gb ssd, ubuntu 20.04 but that can be anything. i’ve reinstalled quite a few times now and about got that down.

so - if someone can help set this up, i’d be glad to pay. from other threads on here, its about an hour to get it done. i’d love to watch in a screen share to learn but am open to whatever help i could get.

thank you for your time and please let me know.