Libretime hangs when selecting specific programming - Repeat monthly, day of the week, No end

Hello everybody,

I’ve been struggling for a while with an issue. If I try to schedule a repeating monthly show, no end, in the “day of the week”, the software hangs.

Funny thing is I manage to do the normal programming with the configuration above, until the end of this month. As soon as I try to program to next month, with that config it hangs.

If I select the “day of the month” it schedules on the spot. But if try to edit to “day of the week”, again it hangs.

Zend logs only shows the array insertions with no errors and PHP shows timeout errors and memory. Adjusted the max execution time and max mem to resolve error logs, I get same behavior, with no logged messages (except the insertion array on zend log)

I do have 2 versions of PHP running due to different applications in server and each one is using each version, using configs in apache conf file.

However, to be sure, I did a clean install in the server and that behavior still occurs. So it looks like I can only schedule (insert in database) a “repeat monthly at a day of the week” configuration on the current month Libretime is running.

I cant thank enought for the possible help!

Kinda solved it. Used Adminer to change the type for repetition from 2 to 3 on the database.