Schedule widget

I am trying to edit a bit the Libretime widgets. I am not very familiar with php, but isn’t phtml an old extension ? I am having a bit of a problem running that file on a local server(mamp).
I’d be very grateful if someone could help.

Sorry for the delay, our developer documentation are pretty much non-existent at this point so unless your an expert at reading source code it can be pretty difficult to get a handle on things.

I plan on fixing this up soon but let me give you a quick overview. LibreTime is built with Zend 1 MVC which is an outdated and unsupported framework but the documentation is still available online here. The phtml templates are part of the view section that determines the final output and formatting.

I’d really like the widgets to be improved so that they could be hosted externally and just interact with the API vs. requiring them to be hosted on the same site, but this is a pretty big change. If you are just trying to change the look and feel this should be feasible. You can also look at the PRs there are a couple of proposed changes to the widgets that we haven’t integrated but it might help you understand how to change things.