LibreTime Docker image for Demo?

If anybody here is familiar with Docker, what do you think of this LibreTime image?

Perhaps a Docker like this could form the basis for a LibreTime demo website on Cloudron?

Has anybody tried it?

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That docker image runs all the services in a single container, which isn’t great. Work is coming along on a multi-container setup that will have every service in its own container (feat: add Dockerfiles for applications by paddatrapper · Pull Request #1471 · LibreTime/libretime · GitHub)

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Thank you for working on this, @paddatrapper .

I love that Docker project. If you want a quick demo it’s just fantastic.

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What are the login credentials / passphrase for that non-persistent installation? The defaults don’t seem to work.

It’s written in the web install process, step n. 5 if I’m not wrong.

admin / admin

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