LibreTime Docker Image

Where is the most recent Docker image for LibreTime?
How well is it working at the moment? Any tips on getting it to run?

This is a weak point for LibreTime - I’m not 100% sure that the docker based install is fully working at this point. Docker isn’t the ideal way to run LibreTime at the moment because we haven’t fully invested the time in getting it working or bringing it into the LibreTime officially supported projects.

If you are planning on running LibreTime in production then it is recommended that you use a virtual machine. If you want to just demo it then using vagrant is probably the best way. I do think getting docker fully tested and working is a good idea but we’d need someone who has the time and expertise to work on that.

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Thanks! Will check out those options:

Some of the instructions look somewhat out of date now:

    vagrant box add bento/ubuntu-16.04 --provider=virtualbox
    vagrant mutate bento/ubuntu-16.04 libvirt
    vagrant up ubuntu-xenial --provider=libvirt

Yeah these can be updated to 18.04 if you are so inclined although for the purposes of testing it isn’t a big deal to use an older version of Ubuntu LTS.

The docs could also be updated if you wanted to make a PR.