Installation of LibreTime

Hello LibreTime Community!

I’ve tried installing LibreTime two different ways.

The first way I installed via Libretime-deploy repo which is docker-compose via several images and an installation of the various services required. Icecast, postgresql, libretime and RabbitMQ. I’ve been hacking on this a while and have it in a half backed state. Somethings are accessible and somethings aren’t. The PHP ORM tool did not auto deploy the schema and when I started poking around the libretime docker container I found a way to generate the sql needed but it didn’t all install correctly. There were some constraint errors etc.

I then decided I’d create one Docker file and do a down load of the main repo from git into an ubuntu 18.04 image. To get the Libretime repo I did this: git clone I then had docker run the recommended install command RUN ./install -fiap

After running this command I got the following: ERROR: Unable to detect init system using package or path of PID=1 process!

I’m assuming I’m getting this because I’m wanting to run the installation in a docker container.

Does anyone have just a little bit of installation guidance to help me get a bit further. I think this seems to be a great product and a great effort. I’m excited to help contribute to it and continue evolving it.

One of the other big things I’m trying to figure out is the generation of the schema and some of the default data necessary to drive the initial installation. I still have to verify if the Libretime deploy repo is pulling from master or a specific branch.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As far as docker goes the best setup we have is -

Most of us are still using VPS to run LibreTime, Ubuntu 18.04 should work. Also the above docker repo should get you most of the way there.

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That’s the one I"m using. So I guess that’s good. I had to manually generate the ORM / SQL stuff. After doing that I could actually get to the main page and the login.

However the default data didn’t all load and besides that I’m getting trouble with the ACL’s and user setup. It seems like some default users should be generated but the cc_subj table was empty for me. I’ve been looking at the Role and Repository but they seem like DAOs that get populated from a table somewhere. Obviously I’m still learning.

I did get a lot further but I still don’t have a stable set of services. I also found out that any special characters in the .env file could cause issues with apache serving the site.

So I’m further than I was but still have a bit of a journey ahead of me.

I’ll try to get a bit further and gather more information and come back to the list.

Thanks for the confirmation,


Please tell me more about install libretime in google cloud…
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