LibreTime on Cloudron

Cloudron is tool to make deployment of web-facing applications like LibreTime, very easy (one click!) and secure.

At the latest LibreTime meetup, supporting LibreTime on Cloudron was discussed. One immediate benefit of having LibreTime supported on Cloudron would be a demo instance for potential users to try. You can check out the live demo on the Cloudron site.

Another benefit would be to help make LibreTime a more popular choice, as a Cloudron instance would greatly reduce the friction in deployment.

Lets make this happen!

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Any progress with LibreTime on Cloudron? A Docker Image would be a big step forward. Cloudron developers might start trying LibreTime, if there was a Docker to test.

I’m currently working on Docker images for the various services. It is slow going though and will probably not have anything concrete before the new year

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Thanks for your hard work and for supporting LibreTime. What are the most difficult aspects of packaging LibreTime for Docker? What sort of expertise would help most in this task?

Time and knowing how the pieces fit together? Some of the services require access to the same resources (mainly the web server, analyzer and API need access to the music storage and the API and web server need access to the Django static assets). They all need some way of mounting a config file too. Oh and playout and liquidsoap need access to the same cache directory

It didn’t take me long at all to Dockerize (without config) the analyzer and celery. The frontend is going to need some modification to the status checking code, as there won’t be processes on the same host to check to see if the other systems are running.

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