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From @CGenie on Wed Sep 13 2017 03:27:31 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Thanks for a great product.
Is there any chance of getting Docker images for libretime? Currently, .deb files are a no-go for me, I deploy my servers only in Docker.
I tried to create a naive Dockerfile with just installing the libretime .deb but it seems there are systemd dependencies. I overcame these but still libretime hangs after setting the drive path.
I created a gist with the files I have so far:
If you could comment on that and help me out, I’d much appreciate it.


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From @hairmare on Wed Sep 13 2017 17:33:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Hi @CGenie

Welcome to the community.

Currently we don’t have any working .deb files (the installer does everything except use proper packages).

At some point @HaJoHe wrote Dockerfiles that might help getting you up and running (I didn’t compare them to yours though they are probably similar). I’m not sure if they still work.

I’ve also been working on Dockerfiles for CentOS that aim at making LibreTime deployable on OpenShift. Those are far from ready and they might not fit your use-case since you are asking about .deb files.


From @CGenie on Wed Sep 13 2017 19:25:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)

I don’t need .deb files, it’s just that they were my starting point.
I just want to have Libretime dockerized, that’s all :slight_smile:
Thanks for the links will check them out.

From @HaJoHe on Thu Sep 14 2017 07:18:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)

it’s a long time, I’ve never been here. Sorry…
Just for your information… this docker runs now for ~4 months. The docker image can be pulled via
docker pull hajo/docker-libretime

@hairmare I’ve just a question about Openshift. How do you intend to offer the streaming?

From @hairmare on Mon Sep 18 2017 17:40:21 GMT+0000 (UTC)

@HaJoHe I think Kubernetes isn’t really in a state where running icecast on it makes sense. I’m hoping for Kubernetes to implement something like the TCP ingress described in Once implemented this will probably take a while to make it’s way into OpenShift which is why my setup will most likely take a long time until it really make sense. A quick solution would be to deploy icecast manually without it being managed by OpenShift/Kubernetes.

Including here.

“Libretime” Multi-container Docker Setup.

This is a multi-container Docker build of the Libretime Radio Broadcast Software (Libretime is a direct fork of Airtime for those who are wondering, hence the similarities) .

It’s an aim to run the environment ready for production which can be stood up in a few minutes (with ease), and all common media directories, database files etc mapped into the container(s) so data is persisted between rebuilds of the application.

It’s originally based off my docker-multicontainer-airtime setup, and has been adapted to suit the newer Libretime sources accordingly.