Lag in ALSA audio

Hi: We’ve got about 30s lag between the web display on LibreTime and what we hear from the analog audio port.

The display shows a new show or track starting, but we hear it happening about 30s later. Some of our DJs work without headphones, and when they key the studio mics the speakers mute, and they have trouble syncing their live show to tracks on LibreTime based on the display. (we’re working on providing additional training for our DJs: “Use headphones!”)

Is there a way to reduce the analogue delay? Where could it be buffering?

CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo

i was going to ask the same thing, we’re playing from the audio output as well and getting a similar delay. we had to move to an older machine after the current one died, and getting a bigger delay, over 30 sec vs 15-20 on the previous one. (and similar challenges transitioning from our live DJs to the automation. thanks!

  • George
    KGNU Boulder / Denver / Ft Collins

It’s probably buffering somewhere in liquidsoap/icecast.

tbh, right now LibreTime does not have a sufficiently low-latency playout option for live-assist (as in a DJ with headphones in a studio). Your best bet is to have live-DJs completely take over the stream (with them streaming their show to LT, complete with music and letting LT take over once their show is over).