Audio Hardware output issue

This is what I asked six months ago.
It hasn’t been resolved yet, so I’m leaving it again.

I installed the latest version of libretime to the ubuntu20.04.

After install, enter the localhost:8000/main on firefox, audio is played in the html window.

But, after modifying the following, the icecast stream shown in localhost:8000 disappears.

/etc/libretime/config.yml at the bottom
(enabled: false → true)

# # System outputs.
# # > max items is 1
- - # Whether the output is enabled.
# # > default is false
enabled: **true**
# # System output kind.
# # > must be one of (alsa, ao, oss, portaudio, pulseaudio)
# # > default is alsa
kind: alsa

I changed (enabled: false) to (enabled: true)
main page red light turns off at the on air at the top of the libretime.
The icecast connection was also disconnected at the same time.

Request a way to perform audio output through hardware.

#sudo adduser libretime audio
Is there any other command I need to apply other than this?