Ignore "Now Playing" from live DJs

Hi All,

We’re almost ready to go live with our libretime instances, will definately submit to “Sites Using Libretime” once we are live.

I have a quick query regarding the “Now playing” field that is sent out to clients.

Everything works great for pre-recorded shows, the isue is when the station DJs broadcast live (Particularly now as most of them are broadcasting from home).

The core issue isn’t really with libretime but with the DJs, they are lazy and often forget to update the “Now playing” in their streaming software (usually BUTT)… I know, we should just train them better but my query is this:

Is there a way of making libretime ignore the “Song Name” sent to it through the streaming inputs?

I’m ok with PHP and python so don’t mind dipping into the code, although I’d prefer a stock solution.

My origional plan was to just set the “Stream Label” to “Station name - Show name” (which is what we want all the time) the difficulty comes with the overnight smart block which selects old shows to retransmit, we want the show name to be sent to the stream. And as we wont know which shows the smart block will select, we need to leave the track name in the Stream Label.

Unless anyone has a workaround?

Many thanks in advance, this project is incredible :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, I don’t think there is an existing way to do this, but this is definitely something you could add if you hack together a fix and it could become a stock solution. I think there are some existing requests to improve the labeling already on github that was around this issue - https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues/162 - Feel free to jump in there or open a new issue.

Glad you find the software useful thus far.