Is there any way to collect the shoutcast server credentials from an Airtime log file?

Greetings fellow members! On a Ubuntu computer i’m running the Airtime 2.5 without any problems. Finally i got LibreTime on a Raspberry Pi up and running but i’m facing problems as my Shoutcast service provider sucks and doesn’t respond to my e-mails to give me my server’s credentials so i can manage to setup the LibreTime streaming. Is there any file on Airtime which i can retrieve, holding the Stream information? like admin password etc?

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

That should be in the database under cc_stream_setting is my guess (I don’t think we changed that from when we upgraded from Airtime)

So you’d need to read the database on your Airtime 2.5 box or it might be viewable from the web interface as well.

You might be able to do that by typing -
psql -U airtime -h localhost airtime
and typing airtime for the password and then

select * from cc_stream_setting

and look for the s1_pass and s1_admin_pass etc.

Hope that helps.

after typing that line nothing comes up, but the airtime=> changes to airtime->

You need to add a semicolon ; at the end of the statement I think.

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Right! You are my saviour man