Shoutcast multiple streams doesn't work in Libretime (it does work in Airtime)


I’m in the transition of moving away from Airtime to Libretime. I managed to setup Libretime succesfully. In my existing Airtime environment I’m using three streams: 2x Shoutcast and 1x Icecast. Both Shoutcast streams are connected to the same DNAS server. I have copied over the exact configuration of the DNAS to Libretime. But somehow Libretime can’t handle the multiple streams anymore. I suspect that the stream ID function isn’t working properly. I’m getting these errors: SHOUTcast 1 source rejected. A source is already connected. which indicates that both streams are trying to use stream ID 1. Did anyone encounter such issues in a similar setup? Or does anybody know how to tackle this?

Sounds like your Libretime enviroment is connecting to your Airtime enviroment, double check your settings.

Hi Joao,

I checked my config. Libretime seems to be the only system that is connecting to the DNAS that I’ve copied over to the Libretime server. If I stop all streams on the LibreTime server the DNAS displays 0 active streams. If I start stream #1 in Libretime, then I see 1 active stream arising in DNAS. If I activate stream #2 DNAS is rejecting this. I think DNAS needs to receive a proper stream ID from Libretime which I suspect it isn’t working. I believe the DNAS string format should be something like http://servername:,

rhroos, are both enviroments running domain names for streams or IP addresses?

Hi Joao,

Airtime is running on domain A, DNAS of Airtime has been configured with the IP address of domain A. and LibreTime is running on domain B, DNAS of LibreTime has been configured with the IP address of domain B. So it seems that they are entirely seperated. Maybe also relevant information: I migrated the Airtime database by entirely deleting the database on the LibreTime environment, created a new database and after that imported the Airtime database. The import went succesfuly, but I had to adjust the stream configuration so that it’s pointing to the DNAS on LibreTime. Could it be that the database is holding some wrong configuration regarding connecting to the DNAS? I believe this was the procedure to migrate from Airtime to Libretime right?

@JoaoHerberto. I figured out what the issue is. I forgot to add the stream ID to the password sequence. You need to add this to the end of the stream password :#2 (colon+hash+stream ID)