Connecting to an icecast stream


Have been using AirTime for a few years and would like to migrate over to LibreTime. Install appeared to go OK, however having trouble connecting the stream to our separate Icecast server. When I try to enable the stream it get’s stuck saying Getting information from the server…

In the Icecast server log I get:

WARN fserve/fserve_client_create req for file “/usr/share/icecast/web/stream” No such file or directory

Any ideas, where to look next? I’ve used the same stream settings to connect as I did on the AirTime server which connects OK.



It seems you figured out how to change from the default stream to a custom one!

From the log entry it looks like the stream part is the mount path that LibreTime is using when connecting to icecast.

Can you confirm that you intend the stream to be on

Also, check the liquidsoap logs. They might have more info as to where it is failing.