Installation on Oracle Cloud ARM

Hi guys.
I tried to install Libretime on a Oracle Cloud Arm Free tier following the docs, and installs properly, but I can’t reach the web.

These are my steps:

  • Create my instance (with Ubuntu 18.04) and open ports 80, 8000 and 8001
  • Get my public ip
  • Clone the repo
  • Run sudo bash install -fiap
  • Install ok (ip is blank)
  • I go to my local browser and try to rech my public ip (port 80), nothing.
  • I run inside the instance a curl localhost and it’s alive. I can see the web content.
  • I run inside the instance a netstat -alntp and I only see the port 80 listening on IPV6 (image)
  • I try to open the 80 port with ufw and still nothing…

Any idea?