I keep running into this please help

Really could use some insight here. I don’t understand why I can’t delete songs on the fly I keep getting this message for certain songs (ALL THE TIME) “Could not delete file because it is scheduled in the future.”
I do have a pretty detailed calendar setup with AutoLoading playlist, and I get it Libretime will schedule stuff in the future but the other side of the coin is that the songs I can’t delete are stuck in this vortex of the only songs my station will play. So not only can i not delete songs…it repeats the same song at the same time everyday. AM I doing something wrong?

Does the “link” feature have anything to do with this issue?
see attached error

Yeah, if you are using the link feature it will repeat the same exact show everytime vs. getting a new one. It will also pre-populate.

That explains the various issues you have been running into with regards to repeat. So basically anything that is linked into the future will be the same as what ran before. So disable linking on all of your shows unless you want it to repeat exactly.

This is super confusing because linking was part of airtime and the only way of doing automatic scheduling before.

Hope this helps.

Game Changer…Totally fixed the issue…and you are right it is a bit confusing…but i got it now!!!

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