Does LibreTime automatically submit stream to IceCast Directory?

For my site, we configured a test show to run yesterday afternoon, which ran wonderfully with no issues to report (YAY!). However, what we didn’t anticipate was any traffic since we did no advertising or posting around this test dev show or stream. We ended up with greater than 50 listeners on the stream.

My question is does LibreTime automatically submit the stream’s info to the IceCast directory by default? This is just more or less a curiosity so I know for our benefit going forward.

Not that I’m aware of. It is I suppose possible that Icecast is configured by default in such a way that this happens. Can anyone else confirm this ?

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Before I started using Libretime I was using just Icecast and I remember researching the XML file and I believe that you have to enable the YP section of the XML file, (Yellow Pages). Go to /etc/icecast2 and edit the icecast.xml. You can use nano, for example sudo nano /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml


Should look like this;

We might want to document this in the LibreTime docs (or at least link to the icecast docs somewhere).

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You can also enable a Shoutcast compatible mount in there and submit that to the Shoutcast YP directory