'Do not run Composer as root/super user' warning

Hi, sorry if that is too noob but I can’t get over the message Do not run Composer as root/super user upon sudo bash install -fiap

I’ve tried several workarounds, logged as a non-root user, changed permissions and ownership, reinstalled Composer, cleared the cache, tried export
COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER=1; composer show; - It just doesnt’go!

Or is it to warn a user with the ‘root’ name to switch over to non-root and continue?

Could anyone please suggest a way of dealing with it?

I usually just ignore this message. Running composer as root is a security risk if you are using it on a established box and adding new software but for LibreTime it isn’t an issue as generally you only want to install LibreTime on a VPS or server that is dedicated to use.

Have you tried ignoring the message ?

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can confirm, this is the way to go. if you install from a tarball composer should not do anything and with .deb or .rpm packages this isn’t an issue either.

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if this is during install, and you are installing under a linux account which is not “root”, type YES to continue and it will run composer.

if you are installing under root, type NO, it will stop the install, then repeat the install steps as regular user.

if you are installing under a regular user, but you typed no, then install will stop. repeat the install command again, it will detect what is already installed and then get to the composer step. type YES, and it will continue with the composer setups…