Frustrating Installation of Libretime 4.0.1

Hi all,
I really need help here, its been a frustrating 2 days on Libretime.

  1. I Installed on a clean Ubuntu 20, got to login and started uploading .mp3 files. They all got stuck on Import pending. Re istalled 4 times with strict steps to the docs/admin-manual/install/install-using-the-installer/ No Joy.
  2. So I moved to docker hoping that would be much easier.
    Now Iam stuck on docker-compose run --rm api libretime-api migrate, with the error:

ERROR: Invalid interpolation format for “postgres” option in service “services”: “${POSTGRES_USER:-libretime}”

I’d like to think I am doing something wrong but cannot seems to put a finger on it.

I’ve been pretty absent in terms of LibreTime stuff but I think troubleshooting the installed version might be easier to do if you look at the logs under I think /var/log/airtime or maybe they were moved to /libretime and see what the celery logs say.

I destroyed the instance and went for version3.01.
Not issues and all seems to work as written. Not sure if Ubuntu update is an issue.
Is it better to install as root permission? so the folder permissions are not issues?

I have reinstalled the latest version with fresh Ubuntu 20 minimal and right out of the pack it is not working. I can login but the icecast not working and file upload stuck. I have copied the log and screenshot for good understanding.
attached: Logs