Broadcast on /show as an ADMIN

I’m still learning Libretime so this may be a dumb question, but is it possible to use an Admin (or Prog Mgr) login to connect to /show mountpoint to broadcast live? Or do we have to set up DJ accounts for all the Admins too?

I think that you can add a Admin to a show as a DJ by checking their name under the show.

I don’t think they can be default but there is a master login that will override a show stream and become the main stream. This can be setup under stream settings.

No, the users with Admin level don’t show in the list under “Who”. But admins can use Mastersource…

Not sure if that’s bug; it would be good to be able to identify the show hosts, and have the list of people checked under “Who” available in the schedule API with Firstname Lastname.


Ok, I stand corrected. Are you saying that anyone with admin can also authenticate via the master source login in addition to using the login setup under streams. If so I did not know that.

We did talk about overhauling the permissions at some point but like many things it’ll require someone with enough time and persistence to make it through and it’ll probably happen as part of the new API.

Users with ‘admin’ level have anyway access to the master source settings, so why don’t they simply use the master source ? It takes over everything at every moment, no need for specific settings.

Ok, I get that one can log in via the Master source at any time (and of course you don’t need to be admin to have access to the Master source info if an admin sends it out).

Only DJ accounts show up in the list for the show, so to use “show access restriction” we would need Admins and Pgm Mgrs we also need a dJ account to use /show.

In our case, our admins also have a DJ account on LibreTime. So when I do my show remotely I connect with my bobjonkmandj account. That ensures that LibreTime will take over when my timeslot is done if I should lose track of time.

It also gives us some indication of which DJs own which shows. I would be really nice if the array of DJs assigned to a show could be exposed in the live-info API (or some future API), then we can publish the DJ’s name on our Now Playing page.


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Thanks for the advice, I think we’ll end up doing the same