Icecast: is the "admin" user mandatory? (and why?)

In my use case, Icecast is configured to allow lot of low-privileged users to mount a single mountpoint (source is just one of these low-privileged users). These users are assigned to separated web radios. They must not have the Icecast admin password.

So I tried this configuration WITHOUT the admin user and pasword:


But then it stucks on the yellow warning “Obtaining server info…” state without sending the stream to Icecast.

If I understand correctly, the admin user in the Icecast streams configuration is only used to fetch statistics. So I expect that the admin user is completely optional if I just need to set a stream to Icecast. I think that the admin user is a default and that cannot be disabled, but unsure.

Question: Are you able to use LibreTime without an admin user? If not. Why is this necessary?

Thank you so much for the clarification!

I was able to understand the problem. If you stop and start, the problem is fixed. So it seems there is something wrong when you save the information, but not on startup.