Sam Broadcaster

Hi everyone

I am newbie to Libretime

It is possible to connect to Libretime from Sam Broadcaster?

As I have tried this earlier and get a invalid password when in fact the password is correct

Select server as Icecast…IP address does this need to have :8001/show in the IP address
Port 8001
Mount Point/Show
Sam Broadcaster doesn’t give anywhere to put a user name in will it work without a username?


It looks like these are the instructions for connecting SAM Broadcaster to a streaming server:

By default, the LibreTime mountpoint is either /mastersource (port 8001) or /showsource (port 8002). By default, mastersource requires the username “source” and the password configured in “Settings, Streams”; showsource uses the username and PW of someone listed under the “Who” section of the show information (accessed through the calendar).

Can you connect with another source client? If so, you’ll probably need to contact the SAM Broadcaster tech support.