Apple device clients

General question here because I haven’t seen it addressed directly (possibly I missed it).
If I install this on a Ubuntu 22.04 system using the published install script, should it work with iOS devices out of the box or is there other tweeking that needs to be done?

Is this just too dumb a question?
I’ve got my first install up and running, streaming shows and live feeds. It’s pretty cool, but it only works for Android devices and PC’s.
iOS devices using safari act like they are working but no audio.

If this is addressed somewhere, please share a link.

No, there is no dumb question.

But yours may lack some more details and context.

Could you describe in more details what you are trying to achieve ?

I’ve installed LibreTime 3.0.2 on a Ubuntu Studio 20.04, imported mp3’s, scheduled shows and am streaming.
Android devices, Linux PC’s, Winblows PC’s, and iPads running Chrome or firefox all stream the audio just fine.
iOS devices running Safari load the page, but no audio.

Should iOS devices running Safari work “out of the box” or is there some tweaking somewhere that needs to be done?

Maybe the audio player isn’t working with Safari, but the audio stream should work.

Try listening directly at the audio streams URL.

So yes, brings up the icecast player and plays audio on iOS devices with Safari.

So this is where I get lost without a little more help. How do I get the LibreTime page to play on those iOS devices?

Or is this an issue I should post on Git?

Hello, I have the same issue. The reason for me is that the main default stream is in .ogg and ogg is not compatible with IOS.
Try to create a mp3 stream.

Mine are mp3 streams. The direct link to the stream works on iOS devices.
I see there is a 3.1 out. I’ll upgrade to 3.1 and see where that puts me.