Widget templete

Hello, I would like to edit the widgets, but I can’t find the right dates.

maybe one can help spontaneously :slight_smile:

So the widget stuff is in a few different places. Not sure which widget you want to modify.
In general the widget stuff is in airtime_mvc/application/controllers/EmbeddablewidgetsController.php & EmbedController.php

The code template is at airtime_mvc/application/views/scripts/embeddablewidgets written in phtml and there is also some helper code in airtime_mvc/application/common/WidgetHelper.php

I hope that helps, what are you trying to customize about it ?

Hello, I would like to adjust the plugin/widget calendar to integrate it into my app, unfortunately I can not find the right position?


Well I’m not sure what specifically you need. What are you trying to change about it ?

widget in the calendar, I would like to adjust for optics so that it fits the app.

Have you tried modifying the code here - https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/tree/master/airtime_mvc/application/views/scriptsairtime_mvc/application/views/scripts/embeddablewidgets ?
This is where the internals of the widget are created - https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/tree/master/airtime_mvc/application/views/scriptsairtime_mvc/application/views/scripts/embeddablewidgets

Looks like it is using Angular 1 - but the CSS is located here - https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/tree/master/airtime_mvc/application/views/scriptsairtime_mvc/application/views/scripts/embeddablewidgets and so that could handle some of the formatting.

Sorry can’t help with anymore specifics as I’m not sure what exactly you want to change but if you just want to change the size etc then modifying the files I represented above should be able to modify it, but keep in mind any modifications you do by hand will be overwritten if you upgrade your libretime instance. So you might want to try to do a backup of any changes so you can re-apply them if and when you update your code.

Feel free to share your code and/or any specific issues you run into while trying to modify it and we can all learn together how to customize it. It would probably be a good idea for us to create a mechanism to customize this code so that it doesn’t get overwritten during an upgrade but nobody has spent the time to do this yet.

Hello robbt, I can’t find the /scriptsairtime_mvc/ in /views/
Am i missing something?


Thanks robbt :+1:
I am trying to put the player on an other domain since our hosting company made some changes.