Virtual Music Events Directory

Thought I’d post this here since LibreTime could probably be added to this great mix of resources:

The goal is to build a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for anyone seeking guidance on how to stage alternative music events in this moment of significant upheaval for the industry.

This living document contains three main sections:

  • An introductory foreword discussing how the music-industry mindset around livestreaming is slowly shifting from dismissing the format as a “niche” or “nice-to-have,” to embracing the format as an imperative for ensuring global accessibility and reach amidst extreme conditions such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • A list of tools that artists and speakers can use to host virtual shows, panels and meetups, especially in the wake of major festivals like SXSW, Ultra, Miami Music Week and Coachella getting postponed or cancelled.

  • A calendar of virtual/livestreamed events that artists and music organizations are hosting in the coming months, as alternatives to major festivals like SXSW that are postponed or cancelled.

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There are a lot of virtual music events happening. Could LibreTime provide a way to aggregate and broadcast audio?

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This is awesome!

Perhaps one way to do this is to run a community LibreTime server where a few community members can decide which events to take live. This server would publish its icecast/shoutcast stream to the pubblic directories for others to find and listen to. We could build an adhock webapp that’s as basic as connecting some remote livestream url to the Master Source. We’d just need someone to sponsor a server.

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This kinda sounds similar to discussions revolving around a LibreTime Demo site that evolved into talk about a LibreTime radio station.

I think this type of functionality would be a great value add to a hosted beta we’ve been talking about.

We’re very close to having a MVP web platform that could aggregate (and monetize) virtual events.

If someone could assume the PM role and update LibreTime Development Priorities we could direct resources with what we’re talking about here.

We can deliver on what I’m saying we need.
The UnCancelled Music Festival brings together musicians, fans and venues from around the globe affected by the Covid-19 crisis for a virtual concert experience to help sustain the music industry during this trying and unprecedented time. UnCancelled will feature artists and community-valued venues in the global music industry for an on-going, world-wide music event that will help musicians and venues of all sizes cover missed revenue during the Coronavirus shutdowns

Per the FAQ, they’re using Stageit, that enables artists to perform live, online shows from their laptop that are never recorded or archived.

Seems like the type of flow we’re discussing here could be a compliment. Maybe not for this particular festival or platform… but inspiration for something like that.

We touched on an option in LibreTime Demo site