Online LibreTime Meetup - 17 March 2022 @ 14:00 UTC

Our next community meet up will be on Thursday 17 March 2022 at 14:00 UTC!

The meeting will be streamed to YouTube and a recording will be kept there.

If you wish to join the discussion or have questions to ask, we will be meeting via Jitsi:

The agenda (feel free to add things):

If you would just like to watch, it will be available on YouTube: LibreTime Project Meetup - 2022/03/17 - YouTube

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Here is a link to an proxy:

Sorry, I missed the meeting.

You can livestream using too.

There is a “one-click, import channel” tool on, if you create a channel there. It allows you to easily import a channel onto the LBRY blockchain, so we can watch videos (and other content) without using the Youtube platform, which is proprietary.

The best way to put content onto is to use a LBRY client, available at

Yes I missed it too… I don’t check in with Libretime forums often, but I always read the weekly summary. Is there any chance you can do the reminder of the next meeting at least a week in advance, so that the reminder makes it into the weekly summary ? I think attendance would improve :slight_smile:
Keep up the hard work, thanks for everything you and the team are doing.

Can it mirror a YT stream? I am streaming from within Jitsi, so I can’t set up more than 1 streaming endpoint. I also don’t want the headache of configuring and managing something like

I’ll try to

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I don’t know if Odysee can mirror a YT livestream as it happens. You can do the livestream directly with Odysee though, and there is a window there for real-time chat during the stream.

There is another interesting option under very recent development: peertube livestreaming from jitsi: