LibreTime talk at LibrePlanet - 3/14/2020

Hey everybody,
I’ll be giving a talk on LibreTime this weekend at LibrePlanet, I only found out my talk was accepted last week and since then the conference has gone completely on-line due to Covid-19. So we can all attend equally virtually as every talk will be streamed with Jitsi and other free software. Anyways my talk is going to be at 15:25 PM EST and will be recorded. See

I hope to give an overview of how LibreTime came to be and also just talk about developing free software as a community and also mention some of the other cool tools that exist in the free software world for doing Radio such as AzuraCast and Rivendell.


How did it go, Robb? Was there a video capture? Think it would be good to do more virtual demos and even hackathons as a way to get more folks and users involved.

Other than a few technical glitches in the beginning I think it went pretty well. People on the chat seemed to find it interesting and useful. At some point the FSF staff with edit and post the video on-line as they have for past conferences. Thanks to those of you from the community who were able to attend.

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Please share the link once the video is live.