Version 3.1.0 Ubuntu 20.04 - invalid or missing URL scheme (type=value_error.url.scheme)

Hello, trying to install Libretime by installer, but I got only errors.

While I was installing, I had to write this command: sudo -u libretime libretime-api migrate. And got these messages:

general -> public_url
invalid or missing URL scheme (type=value_error.url.scheme)
[INFO] Worker exiting (pid: 73560)

But I ignored it, wrote sudo systemctl start and tried to visit my site. I tried to visit, bare IP and tried to visit some random ports, but I got nothing. Only 8000 (icecast) port was working.

The logs were full of errors, which I showed above.

/etc/libretime/config.yml file has URL, which was connected to my VDS IP.

I think saw alejoduque’s question, but I don’t think it will help, and I don’t even sure about similarity of our problems.

Any help is appreciated.