Oops! Something went wrong! debian 11 VM

Hi, I’m trying to install libretime 3.1 using the installer in a fresh debian11 on a virtualbox machine.

during the installation everything is fine.
I am using this command to install

sudo ./install --listen-port 8080 http://radio.mi.arca

This is why at the moment this radioweb will only work within a local intranet without an internet connection.
So I don’t need any SSL certificate.

I do not modify anything from the default values of the installer and I give it

sudo -u libretime libretime-api migrate
sudo systemctl start libretime.target

Here the result of
sroot@debian:/etc/libretime# sudo systemctl --all --plain | grep libretime libretime-analyzer.service loaded active running LibreTime Media Analyzer Service libretime-api.service loaded active running LibreTime API Service libretime-liquidsoap.service loaded active running LibreTime Liquidsoap Service libretime-playout.service loaded active running LibreTime Playout Service libretime-worker.service loaded active running LibreTime Worker Service libretime-api.socket loaded active running LibreTime API Socket libretime.target loaded active active LibreTime Services root@debian:/etc/libretime#

I have added a record to the local dns server to point to the libretime IP, something similar also in /etc/hosts of the libretime virtual machine radio.mi.arca il the IP of the VM

and it clearly works and i can connect from the whole network using


The problem is that I can’t login with admin/admin in the control panel with the Opss message.

I have looked in

but i don’t understand what is the problem

sudo tail -n 100 -f "/var/log/syslog" | egrep 'libretime|nginx|php.*-fpm'

Jul 18 19:06:25 debian libretime-playout[1601]: 2023-07-18 19:06:25,618 | BUG | libretime_api_client._client:_request:93 - HTTPConnectionPool(host='radio.mi.arca', port=80): Max retries exceeded with url: /api/version?format=json (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection. HTTPConnection object at 0x7f02021a2d30>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused'))

Any ideas?

ok fixed!

please edit the documentation here: Install using the installer | LibreTime

sudo ./install --listen-port 8080 https://libretime.example.org


sudo ./install --listen-port 8080 https://libretime.example.org:8080