Uploaded tracks are cut in half of its length

Hey people,

I just discovered this amazing software that you build which helped me a lot with setting up my radio.

The thing is, when i schedule a show and when show actually is live and ON AIR there is no audio outputting.

In audio player when i select a song i can hear it but in live stream there is no audio…

Any idea what this might cause? I followed just one youtube tutorial of installing libretime by official libretime channel, then i just added few tracks and scheduled a show.

EDIT: I have found fix for this, in the settings under Streams i had to change from stream type ‘ogg’ to ‘mp3’

However problem now is that when tracks are uploaded they are cut in half of it’s length.
Right now i have no idea what might cause this as i haven’t touched settings at all, just followed right path for installing

I would check your icecast setup directly. Goto http://hostname:8000 and see if it shows up there as playing. You should be able to click on one of the links and see if it plays.

Hey, can you check now my edited post?

I suspect you need a newer version of silan look at the release notes. What version of Linux are you using.

I’m using droplet - Ubuntu 16.04.6 x64

Is it easy to update via shell?

So yeah, Ubuntu 16.04 ships with a bad version of Silan.
You can find more info here and install a new package here.

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Thank you man!

Will try this with new package right thing in the morning