Track length different than reality

Hi All

I have imported a mp3 file which is 53.2MB and 58 minutes long and after import LT says its 29 minutes long but when you preview the track is the correct length

Regards Ron

That’s almost certainly the Silan bug that many folks have encountered. If you search here, there are some decent tips on how to install a better version of silan - but you will need to let us know what distro and version you are are for further immediate help.

I had this problem myself, last week, and had to install a version of silan built by someone from the previous Airtime project.

Thanks for the reply

Im using Ubuntu 16.04 X86 64

I think Im using the lastest version from github


Yeah, check out the release notes for a fix. (Note to self or other, we need to make the release notes more prominent on the Project README)

Worked a treat, Thanks everyone involved, you are doing top work.