Upload failed - how to avoid duplicates?


I have uploaded a bunch of directories with music via the web interface and it failed in the middle because the disk ran out of space.

I have now increased the disk space, but how do I know which files have been uploaded and which haven’t? Does it work directory by directory and then file by file, or does it sort by filename? Will it created a duplicate if I upload the same file again?

If the upload failed it will be left in a directory /stor/organize - this is a bug - https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues/508 - whereas if it is successfully imported it will be moved to /srv/airtime/store/imported - I believe. So the directory where the files are successfully imported will not have a duplicate file unless you imported the same file successfully more than once. I hope this answers your question, this is a part of the code that could use a little bit of cleanup as noted in the issue I linked too.