Track uploads don't succeed

I’m new to Libretime. Installed it on Ubuntu 18.04, can login to admin, added some users etc, but can’t get the upload tracks to work. They remain in pending state for a while then go to Import Failed state. I can see the mp3 and wav files in /srv/airtime/stor/imported under numbered directories beyond that I don’t know what to look for that explains why they don’t finish importing.

It wasn’t working for me at first as well, what I believe the problem is, that the permissions for the media directory were not set.

What you can do is run the following command.
sudo chmod 777 [Path to media Directory]

What is the default media path? A different directory under /srv/airtime?

I tried setting /srv/airtime/stor/organize to 777, made no difference. Is /srv/airtime/stor/organize the correct directory?

No the correct directory (by default) should be /srv/airtime/stor

I set that to 777 also, no change. The problem would seem to be a different cause.

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I found my problem. The port in airtime.conf didn’t match apache setup. I’d entered 8080 as shown in the install video in the wizard, but apache had default of 80.

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