Upgrading to latest master branch (Ubuntu)

Hi guys.

Hoping someone can help me.

I recently raised a bug on the git and this was fixed and pushed back into master, but I’m not 100% sure how to get it onto my server now. I’m running a cloud Ubuntu 18.4 image and installed Libretime by cloning the repo and then running the install script.

In the meantime, I manually changed the file via nano, but that’s not showing as changed in the browser as being changed, even after server restarts and clearing browser cache.

Am I missing something stupidly easily? Or is it as simple as doing a git pull? Do I need to do anything after?

First time doing this, so just trying not to break anything!

When updating a simple git pull:

cd libretime
sudo git pull
sudo ./install

It seems like the only thing needs to rebuild is the configuration file, I keep a copy saved with my changes. After sudo ./install go to the airtime.conf:

sudo nano /etc/airtime/airtime.conf

I’d say go here before doing upgrade and copy it, after upgrade then paste your copy to airtime.conf and save. That’s all.

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Thanks, I did this and got the commit I needed. It didn’t overwrite my config when installing again, which was nice!

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Hi there, sorry to bump this.
Just wanted to check if the current database (previous to the upgrade) remains without changes, right?
I do have a backup of the database and the whole server (via lxc&lvm snapshot, but wanted to check.

Last update on the db was last month (Apr 24). No changes after that.