Upgrading Libre Time questions

Sorry to not do a more extensive reading of manuals, but I thought maybe someone could quickly point me in the right direction. I’ve got an old, circa 2017 version of Libre Time running that has been super reliable, but I figure I’m long overdue for an upgrade. It’s running on Ubuntu 14.04. So what I was thinking of doing was bringing 14.04 up to 18.04 and then attempting an upgrade of Libre Time.

After doing the release upgrade, what do I need to look for in terms of dependencies? What if anything might break?

Finally, how do I go about the Libre Time upgrade. Thanks!

The error I got trying to inch from 14.04 to 16.04. Am I better off with a fresh install on 18.04 and then trying to load my database and files from the current instance, and then installing the latest version of Libre Time?

I just went ahead and spun up a 18.04 Ubuntu, installed postgres, migrated my database and files, and installed the latest version without major issues.

So…I can be assured that any schema changes were done to the existing db in the process?

Also…Wow! So easy.