I'm on and would like to upgrade

Hello everyone !

I hesitated to ask that question causei searched if something similar popped up, but no luck.

I run libretime on an ubuntu mate 18.04 fully updated.

I would like to backup my database, and mostly, restore it !

I read the manual, the backup section, found the command for backing up the database in an SQL file. But, the section “restoring database” is empty, and, as i may do some cool stuff with comps sometimes, i’m a total loser when it comes to sql.

Would it be possible to have the command to restore the .sql file backed up, i’ve already backed up library etc… But now, i would like to reinstall an ubuntu 20.04, start a fresh install of libretime (last release), and reinject the database.

I’m a bit lost (maybe even my procedure is wrong, i’m open to anything, open to learning).

Thanks a lot in advance for the people who will (i hope hehe) take the time to answer me.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Mac Baret

Hello @MacBaret,

First you should read all the releases notes Releases | LibreTime between your current version and your target version. This will help you troubleshoot any error, and inform you of all the changes that were made since then, and possible changes you have to do.

I’ve written a small restore procedure, that should be merged any time soon in the main documentation: docs: add restore procedure by jooola · Pull Request #2071 · libretime/libretime · GitHub
A preview have been deployed here: Backup | LibreTime

Good luck,

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Maaaany thanks, that’s exactly what i needed !
I think i can mange to do what i wanted.

Oh, one last question, i found this page : Library management | LibreTime

Could it be used for reimporting at least my lbrary or, there’s another way to “transport” my actual lbriary thru ? I go back reading your link, maybe the answer is in it. I saw there is also a conversion to do before refilling etc… wew, i got work !

Many thanks again for your help !


oh, got it in your doc (for the library). Have to do with config file. Noted !

Thanks again :slight_smile: