Team members wanted for a sub project - phone ins and streaming LT to YouTube

I have this mostly working already. I have some demo code working.

Streaming LT to YouTube is pretty easy and I have already published this elsewhere. TICKED

I am implementing a BigBlueButton Integration which will enable multiple phone-ins from PSDN and webrtc conference to be streamed to YouTube Live - with whiteboard - and LT audio without using special client software/skype/veemeter/duct-tape/chicken entrails. Smart coders with experience in this area are especially welcome. I have this mostly working.

No Show guest installs required. A BIG PLUS.

It will need extensive and tedious testing over a month and also php cli coders to help out. Drama Queens need not apply. This will be open-sourced, as is all my code.

I mostly need patient testers who can provide concise feedback in Spanish, German, French, Portuguese or English. You may be asked to repeat tests many times. I have some testers already, but need say 6 more on various platforms.

Your reward? A smug warm fuzzy feeling and, hopefully, a working phone-in/webrtc-in LT radio and / or YouTube solution.

Sounds cool. Can you post a link to the LT to YouTube code ?
I doubt I have the time to dedicate to this in the immediate future as I have too many other things eating at my time but I’d be interested in hearing how it is progressing.

It is just a bash ffmpg (very long) one liner.
It trans-codes from the icecast output as a listener. It is not LT specific. I will dig out and add notes.