Proposal to Speak at Ohio Linux Fest about LibreTime


Hey all I submitted the following proposal for a talk to the Ohio Linux Fest

LibreTime: a free and open-source web-based radio station automation system

LibreTime started as a fork of Airtime when the company behind the development team decided to focus exclusively on their Saas (software as a service offering). Volunteer developers at community radio stations formed the LibreTime project to keep the open-source version of the software alive.

LibreTime has a PHP & JavaScript front-end and uses Python, OCaml & Icecast on the backend. It provides a web-based automation system that allows stations to program their station as well as do live broadcasting. It is used at local community radio stations such as WCRS-LP and Radio614 and by other stations around the globe. This talk will begin with the process of forking the project and then provide a overview of how the software works for the end-user. As time allows we will glance into the code to reveal the challenges of working with complex software built by people no longer active with the project.

I’m not sure if my talk will be accepted but I thought I’d let other people working on the project know that I maybe presenting on LibreTime, Ohio Linux fest takes place in October here in Columbus, Ohio.


My proposal got accepted and so I’ll be giving a talk about LibreTime.


awesome! good luck!!!


I think that the video of it will be posted at some point by OhioLinuxFest and I’ll share that here once I have it. Now I just need to prepare my slides.


I hope your talk went well! I just recently submitted a proposal for FOSDEM19. If it gets accepted I might want to pinch some of your slides :blush:


Cool, my slides weren’t great but I uploaded them to slideshare feel free to reuse anything you want. My talk went well, there was a good crowd and I was approached by quite a few people afterwards who were interested in using LibreTime or helping with development.

I’ll be following up with various people, one person is active in the PHP community and has worked with independent commercial radio stations on the website side of things and was interested in helping with the process of migrating from Zend1 to something else and helping implement a modern javascript framework for the UI. He was busy starting a new job but I plan on meeting with him in a few weeks.


hell yeah, sweet work