Strangeness with transitions and fades

I want to start a general discussion around transitions and fades between songs, shows, and webstreams. These are things that are probably rarely noticed but when you do notice them they are a big ear sore.

I’ve particularly noticed some interesting results when “hard cutting” or removing the currently playing track. Sometimes I get a nice fade out from removing the track, but I don’t get a fade in to the next track. Also I’ve seen in the liquidsoap script how it does stuff like buffer http sources (icecast/shoutcast) before switching to them which is nice except when I hard cut from a track to webstream and instead I get some silence for a bit (latency would be the main issue here I think).

I recon these are things that will go into the hard basket but if we can fine tune them it would really improve the sound coming from LibreTime.

I’d like to hear from others. What have you experienced when transitioning to/from webstreams or live sources? Is there a bit of silence between tracks (something we could possibly fine tune by tweaking silan settings). Any other strange behaviour related to transitions between tracks and sources or fades?