Ends of tracks getting clipped during playback

At the end of December, I migrated to a new server and upgraded to the latest version of Libre Time. Since then, a few of my show programmers have been complaining that their mic breaks and some of their songs are getting clipped at the end when the playlist is stream out. I set the settings for Default Fade In, Default Fade Out, and Default Crossfade Duration all to 0, but apparently the problem still keeps occurring. I told them to inspect the cue-in and cue-out time stamps on the new files that they upload and adjust them, but I’m still hearing complaints.

Is there a way to set Libre Time analysis so that cue-out defaults to the end of the track?

Maybe related When shows ends, next shows starts without fade-in/fade-out · Issue #2070 · libretime/libretime · GitHub

Does anyone remember if this was happening whith the alpha versions?

I think this is related to silence detection in libretime-analyzer. I’m looking through the source and see that there is an anaylze_cuepoint.py script. Is there a way to shut this off or bypass this portion of the analysis steps so I can test analysis without silence detection?

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