Standard fade-in/out show no effect

Good morning

In the general settings there are the standard fade-in and fade-out values…

Normally fade-in is set to 0.5 seconds…so I set it to 0 seconds as many songs start immediately…
But when a new show is broadcasted, the fade-in value isn’t take…the songs still fade-in noticeably…

Are those general settings only applied when I upload new songs?

thanks in advance

Hmm…this forum seems to be pretty in active (o;

Are there better places for discussing LibreTime?

You may get some interactive response on the LibreTime MatterMost instance:

Although I’m not (yet) a LibreTime developer, this (Discourse) does seem the best place to ask and get answers of a more persistent nature.

Both MatterMost and Discourse seem to be the places to start discussions on bugs or feature requests, from which the devs will point you to the LibreTime Github repository:

And sorry, I don’t know the answer to your question about the fade-ins. We’ve always had fade-in set to 0, and fade-out to .3s, which seems to work for everything, as I expected.