Special playlist mode

I’m looking for a simple functionality, when I can have 30 playlists with 20 songs in each. And I need autoDJ to play playlists one by one and then repeat it in same sequence nonstop (1,2,3,4,5…30,1,2,3,4…30,1,2…). And I need autoDJ to play all songs in each playlist before switching to the next playlist, but tracks order (inside each playlist) should be changed each time it starts playing a playlist. So constant repeating order of playlists (1 to 30, repeat nonstop) playing all songs in each of them with shuffling the order of tracks each time it starts to play a playlist. Is there any chance to configure it in LibreTime? Trying to configure it, but no luck. My goal is to avoid constant creating/correcting programs scheduler. I wish to configure it once and make it working fully autonomous.
P.S. This schema was working for 10 years without a problem at radiostyle.ru , but now they are closing the business, and I was not able to find similar solution with all available systems on the market.

Hmm, you could probably do this with liquidsoap directly easier than LibreTime but that would require getting familiar with how liquidsoap works and building your own script.

You couldn’t get this exact functionality in LibreTime because we are limited to 24 hour blocks at most currently. So there would be a break in the playlist functionality if they didn’t find.
In addition the playlists are pretty much static whereas smartblocks select tracks based upon an ID3 tag vs. inclusion in a playlist.

In order to approximate this in LibreTime you could simulate the notion of a playlist by assigning a ID3 tag with one of the playlist numbers and then having a smartblock that selected 20 songs at random from that matching criteria. Then you could include each playlist smartblock in a autoloading playlist but you’d have a break like I said earlier when it came to the 24 hours.

If this doesn’t make a lot of sense it is because the abstractions the original designers of Airtime chose don’t match up exactly with what you are trying to do and so it is probably not going to translate exactly but you could try something like this. If you wanted that exactly I think a liquidsoap script with the files in different folders would work but you’d have to look elsewhere for guidance on how to write that script exactly as nobody here is exactly a liquidsoap expert.