infinite tracklist

Hello! Could you help me, please? How to create an infinite tracklist with permanent repeatability of the contents In LibreTime

LibreTime does not have the capacity for an infinite playlist, at best you can have a 24 hour playlist that selects tracks at random every 24 hours and you can override with live DJs. People have discussed creating a fall-back autoDJ but it hasn’t been developed.

The autoloading playlist and a repeating 24 hour show could work, just create a playlist and put a smartblock that allows repeated tracks and fits whatever criteria you want to distinguish your tracks by.

On the other hand if you don’t plan on doing something with scheduled shows at some point azuracast might be a better fit. It is designed to have multiple free floating playlists that are scheduled and is easy to setup as well. It is also free software. See

Or feel free to ask more questions here regarding LibreTime.