Programmable Auto Playlist - Suggestion

Currently, I use the Auto Playlist function in the calendar to associate content to shows. This means that a time slot will repeat the same playlist. What would be great is to have a way to randomly select a playlist from the playlist list with search constraint like a word in the playlist name. A sort of Smart Blocks for Playlists. Thanks for a superb app.

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No takers on this idea? Is it a bad idea or can it be already done?

I do it the other way around. I use smartblocks for various genres (Jazz, Country, Electronica, &c), set them to 58mins maximum, then create, f’rinstance a Jazz playlist with the Jazz smartblock, then a 2 minute StationID smartblock, then the Jazz smartblock again, the 2 minute StationID smartblock again, and so on…

That’s usually to fill the 2 hour to 4 hour overnight timeslots. With enough Jazz tracks in the library the smartblocks don’t have much repetition in them. You can use shorter smartblocks (14 minutes) separated by 1 minute StationID smartblocks, but there’s a chance of getting more repeats in an hour.

I think a randomly selected playlist is a good idea, although we have no immediate need for it.


Thank you for your thoughts.
Our radio is a collection of DJs who do a show a week. Currently, I manually distribute the shows across the attributed time slots. Having a way to automate the shows via metadata like the smartblocks would save so much time.

It’s good idea. I would to play random music album in show. Tracks should play in right order of album.
I think I can achieve this by auto selecting random playlist by some criteria.
How to create a Smart Blocks for Playlists ?

The smartblock tool is really good so having it deployed across the app would be fantastic.

It looks like this function is in airtime. Which begs the question, what is the difference between Airtime & Libretime?