Selecting columns to display its not saving

just a quick query on latest libretime when selecting columns to display its not saving selection especially album is this just a bug or is it a deeper problem.
Fresh install from git on vps Ubuntu 18.4 status all green version 1c2906f5a

When does it revert ? I have seen this happen, we have done some work in the past try to store the details of selections between sessions but I’m not sure if you are having an issue where it isn’t saving at all. Since this is a javascript issue, what browser are you using ?

using google chrome on windows 7 to view it does save sometimes but not always seems intermittent. Just loaded 10 times in Firefox and does seem to save ? scratching head now …

Yeah, it has to do with the datatables jquery library and how its session data is stored in the database. I have noticed it behaving rather intermittent myself but sometimes it works and so I haven’t delved deeper.