LT doesn't save MY setup view!


I would like to have always some setup I want to keep when I use my lists, playlists or dashboard files list but LT come back always with the setup by default. It’s really not a goog thing for me !

I need to have the possibility to keep what I want to see or not. For example, in the dashboard files list, i want to see what is scheduled and the name of the albums and I don’t need the type of files. I make the setup view… but after I do other thing on the base et if I come back in the dashboard files list, I see the default is coming back again and again… Not funny to must do always the setting I want each time !

Is there a solution to keep/save what I want to see or not ?

Thank in advance

I guess you are talking about the columns displayed on the playlist browser and other tabs ?

It might be a bug, or a missing feature. Check the Github issue to see if an issue has already been raised.

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Yes, it’s for the colums displayed. I will take a look to the Github …
Thank you