Reduce repeated tracks

Hello! We are trying to improve our autoloading playlists to reduce the repetition of tracks.
Is the conclution here still true?

I quote
"But I guess my show content will get generated 10mins before the show is due to start via the auto playlist… so I could still end up with content repeating in my show, as the ‘last-played’ comparison will be done in bulk when the show is populated, and not take into consideration any ‘last-plays’ during the 6hr show? Is my thinking correct here?..

Yes that is the way it currently works. It can only go based upon previous auto playlists. It also builds the playlist about an hour before the show airs currently (this could be made configurable but it hasn’t been as of yet due to a lack of perceived demand). So yeah it would have to be based upon previous playlists. I’m also not sure when exactly a track gets marked as played. Most likely this occurs when the track is actually played but I haven’t looked into the code to verify this.
The only work-around for this would be to do smaller shows. Anything else is going to require making the smartblocks working inside of the shows a lot “smarter”. "

Can anyone share some thoughts on how to adjust playlists, smart blocks and/or shows to reduce the amount of repeating tracks?
Thanks in advance!